Meet a Young Inspiration!

Neveah Mosher, 13 years old, reads over 300 books a year.  She narrates this 2 minute video detailing her reading endeavors.

Click the video link





Books 2008

Books 2008 (Photo credit: // Denise //)


If you or your teen are not reading much, I hope she inspires you; she certainly has inspired me.  If your high-schooler reads a lot already keep cheering them on!  If not gently encourage your high-schooler to read more.  It’s difficult to “make” a teenager do anything per se; b ut you can certainly influence them.  Remember, it’s never too late to learn to love reading.  Here are some ideas:


  • As a parent, try to model reading in your home.
  • Buy a biography of someone they admire.
  • Buy a subscription to a magazine of an activity your son or daughter is interested in.
  • Give them a gift card to a bookstore and visit the store with them.
  • Read a book together (mini book club).



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