Khan Academy: A Great Homework Helper & Much More!

Wouldn’t it be great if your high-schooler had an on-call teacher for each of her or his high school courses?  What if these teachers were in your home at your beck and call; sort of like a personal servant? Wouldn’t it be great if when your kid was stumped on a trigonometric function or a chemical equation you could just beckon the in-house Math  or Science teacher? What if your kid could have a History teacher at her side as she spliced together her paper on the constitutionality of the secession of the southern states?  Or wouldn’t it be nice for him to have an English teacher help with his thesis of his final draft of  his literary analysis of The Odyssey?

In education, there are few things more valuable than the personalized learning that happens with the one-on-one interaction of a teacher and student.  Unless you’re made of money, there won’t be any in-house education on a silver platter as I just described; but there are many online sources for help; in particular there’s  Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a website the offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard for students to grasp concepts at their own pace.

Often I hear parents and students lamenting the fact that there’s almost no way to get help when the student is stumped with certain homework concepts.   And over the past few years I’ve often ask if they are familiar with Khan Academy yet.

So, Dear Parent, I’ll ask you the same. Are you familiar with Khan Academy yet?  Enough of my babbling.  Click on the link below; you’re in for a treat.  I’ll let the site speak for itself!



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