Your Kid IS In The Real World; Just Ask Phillip Sossou

When speaking to their teens I often hear parents use the phrase “When you get into the real world it’s going to be like this or that”.   This can be misleading because, well, your kid IS in the real world.  This is not a dream.  What your teen does today creates a real consequence today and tomorrow.

Great talent, ability, and skills are fostered most in those formative years from birth through high school. There are countless ways we can show our kids the real impact they have in the real world;  regardless of their age.

Over the past 17 years in education, I’ve had the privilege to work with some incredibly amazing youth. One underlying quality in each one of them is that they understood that their positive actions resulted in real positive consequences.

For some inspiration, you have to look no further than a gifted and talented young man named Phillip Sossou.   A high school senior who decided to use his real world talent, abilities, and skills to positively impact the real lives of his classmates.  Click on the link below for Phillip’s story.


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