A New Grip on Life

Baby MemeOften times I’ll have a student in my office who is overwhelmed with the demands of school, work, athletics, and the responsibilities and /or problems at home.  A day hardly  goes by where I’m not met with a kid who shares a personal struggle or challenge.  It’s tough being a teenager.  Interestingly enough. parents and educators almost always provide a plan for success or a strategy to balance responsibilities; that’s the easy part, having a plan; the struggle comes in implementing the plan.

Sometimes a part of the answer is a little bit of hope; a reminder of past successes, a bit of encouragement of their talents and strengths, is enough to get them through that next week, that next project, or that next exam; before they’re in need of another boost.

Youth are constantly being told they can’t do a myriad of things by the well meaning and caring adults in their lives.  We must also remind them of what they CAN do; and we must remind them often.  A new grip on the plan in hand or a new perspective is all it takes to implement that plan; just ask 9 year-old Zion Harvey who was the first child to receive a double hand transplant.  He shared one instance of how his grandmother inspired him to keep pressing forward.  Click on the link below to watch the 3 minute video of this amazing kid.



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