Graduation Day is Overrated

Grad Day Hats in Air

Graduation day is great!  Graduation day is important! And it’s one of my favorite days of the school year; however, graduation day is overrated.

Today is the most important day of the school year for your kid.  Yep, today.  Today is the currency that gets your kid to her diploma.

Today is the rung that takes you son closer to high school completion.  Behind the scenes of those jubilant moments of graduation are these days of effort, and grit, and work.

These days, the first day of school, the middle day of school, the Mondays of school, the Wednesdays of school, are the most important days of school; not graduation day.

Parents, it’s that time of year! Gear-up, saddle-up, suit-up; be deliberate about encouraging your teen on their rigorous journey through high school this school year.  It’s hard work and they need your support more than they let on.  Today is the most important day of school.



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