Beyond Millennials

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Beyond Millennials

Gen X’ers gave us Amazon. com and Google.  Millennials  gave us Facebook and Instagram. What web-based phenomenon will the next up-and-coming generation bestow upon us?  The class of 2018 is the first college graduating class of the so-called Generation Z and they are now entering the professional workforce.  Demographers are beginning to synthesize data and trends about these post-millennials ; the first generation born with web-based devices in-hand; true digital natives.   Click the link below to read a concise Time Magazine article summarizing what demographers are saying about these mentally spry up-and-coming digital trendsetters.

It’s a fun read but remember, this.  If you really want to understand things about the next generation; you don’t have to consult demographers, statisticians,  or sociologists, as if every new generation is an enigma.  All you have to do is ask them who they are and they  will tell you.  I do it everyday for a living and they open right up.  Try it sometime. These kids desperately want someone to look at them in person and listen.  They will share who they are, how they are, how they see the world, their hopes, dreams, and even fears.

Beyond Millennial, or Gen Y, and other catchphrases, titles, and labels, our young people, (in fact every generation) are people uniquely and wonderfully created in God’s image.


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