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Michelle Obama Shares The Value of School Counselors

`Below is the transcript of her entire address to school counselors at the American School Counselor Association’s National Conference on July 1, 2014. The Dolphin Hotel Orlando, Florida 11:42 A.M. EDT MRS. OBAMA:  Yes!  (Applause.)  How is everybody feeling today?  (Applause.)  It is really, really my pleasure.  You guys, rest yourselves.  You work hard enough.  … Continue reading

Are You Snooping on Your Kid?

Are You Snooping on Your Kid?

SIDE NOTE: After a 5 month hiatus for paternity leave, this blogger is glad to be back!  I had no time to write over the past four months.  As you well know, infants will sap every bit of your physical energy and time with those sleepless nights!  On the other hand, teens will sap every … Continue reading

Double Check if Using The Common Application

Double Check if Using The Common Application If using The Common Application company this year, some students may think they have submitted their college application when it fact, the application may not have been accepted by the company’s website due to technical difficulties. You should have your student double check the status of their college … Continue reading