Guess Who’s Watching You?

  Kids have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.   ~ James A. Baldwin   Work habits Timeliness Temperament Handling of Conflict Values Humor Language And the list goes on, and on…. They learn by how we live our lives out before them….   … Continue reading

Every Child

Accentuate the amazing things about your child. Every Child Is Born A Genius. ~Albert Einstein

Dealing With Magical Teenage Thinking

I remember from several years ago, an unfortunate and disheartening situation with one of my former students. Despite his mother’s directives, and eventually her earnest pleas, despite my counsel, the intervention of other school officials, and county officials; despite many academic interventions, alternative schedules, an alternate building with an alternate teaching approach, wrap-around meetings, and … Continue reading

Senioritis Can Have Dire Consequences

Symptoms of Senioritis Regardless of how old your kids are, it’s important to get them “vaccinated” against senioritis. If you have a senior, it’s vital that you be able to identify the symptoms and treat the “disease”. Senioritis is an “illness” that strikes millions of America’s 12th graders every spring. Symptoms include, missing assignments, slipping … Continue reading

Meet a Young Inspiration!

Neveah Mosher, 13 years old, reads over 300 books a year.  She narrates this 2 minute video detailing her reading endeavors. Click the video link           If you or your teen are not reading much, I hope she inspires you; she certainly has inspired me.  If your high-schooler reads a lot … Continue reading

My Parents are Screw-Ups

Are You A Screw-Up? Not too long ago I was paid a visit by one of my students whose grades were slipping. The student shared that problems at home (particularly with parents), was the reason for the declining grades. “My mom’s pretty much a screw up; and my dad’s no better”, the kid said. Together … Continue reading

Spring Break and Your High-Schooler

Why a Spring Break Anyway? Why do schools have a Spring Break?  This is a long-standing tradition in education whose 17th century American roots are tied to the holiday of Easter.  Then, professors and teachers would pause the curriculum to allow college students enough time to travel to be home for the holiday and younger … Continue reading